My Writing Studio & Garden Shed


This is my writing studio & garden shed (aka my “She Shed”) that we’ve nicknamed our Little Schoolhouse Shed. (Instagram @threepinesfarm & @littleschoolhouseshed)

What’s the point of a She Shed? Yes, I know it may seem indulgent to have one, but I work from home and our house doesn’t have an office space- a good work space is no small thing when it comes to creativity and productivity. We also own a mini-homestead & I needed a space to start seeds, pot plants, and a room where I can work on things for the garden. This shed kills two birds with one stone.

We were finally able to purchase our home & land in 2018. We had a very long list of projects ranging from trees and berry shrubs to plant, to fixing up the outbuildings on our property, and starting a vegetable garden. This, of course, did not include what we wanted to renovate inside of our home. As a result, we chose to renovate one portion of the property at a time, as to not get overwhelmed.

Since it was springtime, we chose to focus on the garden. Our homestead is very small- just a bit over an acre. It has a cute little well house and a chicken coop which needs a bit of TLC, but is still in pretty good shape. Although there was a lot we wanted to get started on, the property is an amazing place to start to our dream homestead.

I had an idea of what kind of a garden I wanted- a cottage garden with a shed and a picket fence. Cottage gardens have always been my favorite kind of gardens. They’re unfussy and a bit messy. You can mix things up by planting herbs, vegetables, berry shrubs, along with perennials and time-honored favorites like foxgloves, hollyhocks, and daisies. (More about this later…)

After the house was finally ours, we visited a local shed company & had my writing shed custom designed for our property. I’ve always wanted a space of my own to write, create, garden, etc. and it was wonderful to finally cross that off of my wish list.

Our shed is board & batten with a copper cupola, front porch, and flower boxes. We painted the inside bright white & the floor is an earthy green.

Recently, I was interviewed by Erika of the She Shed Living blog regarding my shed & why I chose a neutral color palette. You can read that interview here. 

My husband built the raised beds and this spring he is going to build a few more. The arbors that you see in the photo didn’t survive the strong winds of early winter, so we’re going to create our own arched trellises using T-posts, zip ties, and cattle panels per Roots & Refuge Farm’s instructions on YouTube. 

The picket fence & flagstone path is going to happen this year- probably late spring/early summer. I fell in love with Susan Branch’s garden & that’s the look I’m going for. I’m already writing down all of the different flowers I want to plant along the fence- clematis, daisies, day lilies, hollyhocks, foxgloves, and pincushion flowers. Of course there will be more that I find at the garden center & I’ll share those with you.

Have you started planning your garden this year? What kinds of vegetables or flowers are your favorites?





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